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Films projected from the palm of your hand

Larry Fessenden's Depraved
We did the DCP for Depraved plus the 4K version. See what else we've done.

Yesterday it was heavy metal

Not long ago films were distributed via the medium they were created on, film. Films were sent to theaters in multiple cans. Every can held a reel of the finished product, and each was projected. Depending on the length of the film shown, one film could encompass multiple cans and weigh hundreds of pounds. Theaters dealt with a very large quantity of material. This method was the standard since almost the beginning of film. Then it wasn’t.

What are Digital Cinema Packages?

DCPs or digital cinema packages are new versions of multi-reel films. Now, 2k and 4k video and surround audio is converted in the MXF or, Material Exchange Format files, and are stored on a small hard drive, that can be encrypted to prevent theft. The new digital formats and DCPs provide consistent top quality images and sound, with every screening. And, unlike film, a hard drive will not degrade and can be used over and over.

Can you steal them?

To mitigate theft and illegal duplication, a DCP can be set up to require a password or KDM to play. Additional protection such as only being allowed to be played a specific number of times, or for a specific period also helps protect the DCP from misuse.

What about Sources?

Digital Cinema Packages can take any video source 2k or 4k in any format in both audio and digital media and convert it to the files that are used. It is best to start with a High Definition source or better to make a digital cinema package.

Digital Cinema Packages come complete and may include subtitles, trailers, and features. Some packages offer multiple options on the same DCP. And, DCPs are accessible with captions and audio description along with multiple subtitle languages.

Now, what about Sources for DCPs?

Chromavision has a tremendous track record in this critical and specialized Motion Picture discipline, and we have had the pleasure and honor of creating DCPs for Academy Award-nominated films. Take a look at our credits on our digital cinema ( page, then call us or write and let’s talk about the next project.

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