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  • Brian Keller

Hello from Chromavision NYC and the Chromavision Brand Lab

What’s this Chromavision Brand Lab stuff? Why it's a new division of Chromavison. One day, while working on our new website, we realized that we have numerous studios and work very well in a number of disciplines. So some genius here said, “Hey, we’re like totally working in a communications laboratory.” So, we like totally said, “Hey, you’re so like, right. ” In that instant, it struck us, or some of us, communications has changed. Budgets have fallen, but the amount of work is greater than ever before. The traditional ad agency is morphing, marketing is morphing, deliverables for motion pictures have changed, and technological innovations and client demands are creating, and have created new ways of delivering messaging across a variety of media. We have been meeting these technical demands for quite some time, whether it’s delivering the DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for an award-winning film, doing the color grading for one of the most awarded TV series of the last 20 years, doing surround-sound mixing, or digitally archiving and restoring broadcast material. Recently we’ve been creating ideas too. We’ve been doing the concepts and strategies for our clients, and producing the executions as well as managing the post-production. We’ve done this over a wide range of offerings including radio commercials, social media (video), podcasts, corporate video, TV Commercials and more. So, some genius here said, "We should hire someone to guide clients complete entire projects, like totally", so, we did. Welcome to Chromavision and, the Chromavision Brand Lab. Take a look at our site, it’s got technical stuff, conceptual stuff, digital stuff, traditional stuff, and lots of other stuff. Take a look at the Technical Services and then scoot on over to Creative Services, then call us up and let’s talk. We actually answer our phones.

Chromavision has years of experience in healthcare, healthcare advertising, nursing and rehab, therapy, managed care and more.

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