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I Don’t Care if You’re Non-binary, Take Out the Garbage (We also had pizza last night)

“We’re thrilled to share our campaign celebrating the transgender and non-binary community. We took a step this morning with our employees to further the conversation around inclusivity. Our journey has not been perfect and is not done. We will continue to learn and work together.”_ Sephora.


Good for you Sephora (LVMH and the agency Wednesday) for the well-realized and brave campaign you have produced.  Your action to make the whole of LGBTQ (transgender and non-binary) community part of the greater community is terrific.  But we would like to see a time when you can go back to just selling your product. 

In your executions there are marching bands in high school hallways, contemplation in convertibles,  making up in mirrors, making out on cars,  carrying on on rooftops,   sexy people in various sumptuous sexy milieu,  sexy people in private moments,  sad sexy people,  introspective sexy people,  happy sexy people,  sexy people with doubts,  sexy people with no-doubt,  defiant sexy people, reticent sexy people, sexy people with megaphones in the hall, sexy people on the beach with no megaphones at all, and more.  They wear it on their sleeves be they sleeves of tattoos or sleeves of fabric they are fabulous.  “Ay, there’s the rub.” Everyone is fabulous. Sephora, in executing this campaign has done a wonderful job of giving people and community pride in themselves, and they have given the group an anthem, This is My Life (1968) by the fabulous Shirley Bassey, supported by an impeccably styled cast of performers. But in a way, the campaign is covering up a real problem.   An overwhelming cadre of spoiled, and inwardly turned brats populate our country.  This part of the populace has a problem with things, and or people who are different, or whom they don't understand. And, many people are unencumbered by a governor which would dictate empathy and reduce animosity, in favor of civility.  The country can't seem to collectively mind its own business as evidenced by the corpses of mangled philosophy and gentility which overwhelm all media and the national psyche. Sephora has helped start something here, but it’s just a small broadside aimed at a large problem. Creating a commercial with a too studied style doesn’t, in the long run, help, but again, it's a start. It's a shame that a portion of the population has to be represented in such a spectacular manner to illustrate the fact that they are just regular people with regular feelings.  We would love to see the cast of a Sephora execution with the sexual identity of its characters invisible. We would love to see a Sephora commercial or any commercial that is clever, engaging and helps sell a product with no politics. The time for that will come when there is an agenda less population in the United States, filled with citizens and run by a government for all, who are comfortable leaving people alone to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.  Right now, we seem to be a country that lives on outrage real, or manufactured. So, keep being fabulous Sephora.

But, when we can all be grown-ups Beyond Madison Avenue has an idea to pitch. How about a commercial where a well made-up (Sephora we know you have to sell) couple argues over taking out the garbage and what’s for dinner, Pizza or Chinese food?  They remain fabulous, thanks to Sephora, during their ride into the sunset towards the mall for, perhaps Pizza or maybe Chinese, to be followed by a Cinnabon. No one watching will argue about the sex, color, or politics of the couple, they'll argue about who took out the garbage last and over the benefits of Pizza vs. Chinese, and a Cinnabon being included and not Coldstone. Fabulous.

Link -   We Belong to Something Beautiful" - Watch it it's fabulous

Playing for fun

It wasn’t advertising in the strictest sense, but this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game was an ad for the game.  It was a great game, played by people who lit up the stadium (Cleveland) with smiles, skill, and goodwill. Usually, a look at advertising for sports sees warriors, grim soldiers doing grim jobs, and weapons and serious baleful faces and paybacks and domination and more. There is no joy. The Major League Baseball All-Star Game featured boys playing baseball and loving it, and sharing that love with the audience, in the stands and across the country. They were joyous during every second of every inning of the game. There’s a concept there. 

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