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What the Hell is the difference between color correction and color grading, and why do we need this?

This is us, Chromavision, doing the Color for CLEO TV's Living by Design

Once color correction was the method of fixing, altering, and augmenting the color of a project that originated on film. After the film was exposed it was developed and the film lab’s timer set the initial color, chemically, there was not a great amount of latitude in setting a very sophisticated look for a filmed project. And then… technology sauntered by and changed everything. Methods were developed that allowed for the transfer of film to tape and at the same time, OMG, you could correct and finesse your project. These corrections came mostly to alter the original chemical timing when the project was steps from completion. These corrections were done on videotape and set the final cinematic look. In reality, the process was called a transfer, and color correction related to the whole exercise. Now the material is usually originated digitally and, many call the aforementioned process color grading, but hold on, color corrections are still made. Color corrections can be setting the black and white points, fixing exposure, altering white balance, creating or developing the look from RAW recordings. The list is a bit longer and we call this the first pass, or the corrections. Think back to our timer back in the old lab. Most projects will have at least a few or more of these corrections. Once this is accomplished, we merrily move to the color grading where we get all fancy. Some people use film and in these cases the methods or photochemical correction then digital/video corrections or grading apply. What’s the point of all this explaining? There really is no difference, in most cases, between color grading and color correction, it’s really if you look at it, the same thing but different steps along the way. We’ve explained this in case you’re neurotic about what terms to use and to fill up space in this blog.

Hey so why do we need this stuff?

The fun part of the color grade/correction is, having the elasticity to greatly improve the look of a project, and that’s a really big deal and why we need it. We can make sure all the shots match. We can create interesting looks, like the beloved bleach bypass, and more. We can stylize the entire look of the piece, and most importantly create a piece that reflects your strategic plan and puts the viewer/consumers’ attention where you want it to be.

Call it color correction, color grading, or split the terms, just make sure to call us for your color correction/grading project.


The Americans

Living by Design

Under Armour



Centers Health Care

Brother International

Centers Plan for Healthy Living


To join us for a colorful experience call us up a 212-686-7366, or email us at and find out more.

Please view our color reel and take a look at the before and after. Color Link



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